Ultra-Hot Secret Sharing App Whisper Raises $3 Million From Lightspeed, Trinity, And Others

Cool idea. This is so logical and it never crossed anyone’s mind till now. People normally share their happy, fun, interesting and exciting moments. Forgotten in the mix are the embarrassing, dark , depressing moments. But I would still question if one would go on to a social platform to discuss the not-so fun side of his/her psyche. I am not so sure. Maybe it’s just a cultural thing. I see proliferation of discussion forum on each and every subject in the US. In Asian cultures, there is a dearth of such forums because people from these cultures refrain from discussing personal things with total strangers.


If you haven’t heard of Whisper yet, get ready to. It’s the latest social app to capture the attention of a huge — and growing — audience of users, as well as the attention of a group of investors. So far, the startup has raised $3 million in Series A funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners and others.

At the heart of Whisper’s app is the ability to anonymously share secrets with others. Those secrets take the form of photos that users can overlay text on top of. It looks a lot like the long-running PostSecret website, which has been running for years, but Whisper brings in a whole bunch of features that make it into a more full-fledged social network.

Whisper co-founder Michael Heyward told me by phone that the app was developed as a side project at secure messaging startup TigerText. Developing it with co-founder Brad Brooks, he…

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